Yes, we’ve done it again :-). If you apply for the whole MA, or any individual modules with or without assessment, before the 31st August 2014, you’ll receive a 40% discount on your application against the standard course fees. So, for the whole MA part time over 2 years, the standard fee is £6,000. Apply before the 31st August 2014 and the whole course will cost you £3,600 and you can pay in instalments over the 2 years. Each taught module (i.e. not the dissertation) would normally cost £500 with assessment or £250 without. Any taught modules you apply for before the 31st August will cost £300 with assessment or £150 without. You can see full details about the course at . If you have any queries about the fees, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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ai workshop smallThanks to everyone who came along to our open day in Second Life yesterday. We had a great day with visitors from countries as far afield as the USA, Australia, Greece, New Zealand and the U.K.  It was great fun and wonderful to meet people who are excited and enthused about using virtual worlds in education. We already have applications from people taking advantage of our early bird discount, both for the whole course and individual modules.

A couple of our visitors were interested in doing PhDs in virtual world education, and we’re very happy to accept applications from prospective distant or attending research students. We already have PhD students registered with us who are carrying out research into the educational uses of virtual worlds in computing and education, and they have been able to take the taught credit requirement from modules in the MA. If anyone has an interest in researching this area, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected] .

Our next open day is 18th July, so please come along and see us at .

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If you apply for the MA Education in Virtual Worlds, either the whole course or individual modules, before 31st August this year, you will receive a 50% discount on the standard course fee of £6,000. For further details email [email protected] .

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can i help smallWe’re having open days on our Second Life estate on 12th June and 18th July 2013, 10:00 – 19:00 British Summer Time (02:00 – 11:00 SL time), where you can see what we’ve been doing in virtual worlds. There are examples of simulations in psychology, finance and accounting, environmental health and computing, for example. And you can see what’s been happening on the MA Education in Virtual Worlds. There are examples of some inspirational student work, feedback from the students on their experiences this year, examples of the kinds of activities we work on together on the course and a chance to tour Innovation at UWE island, the dedicated home of the course.

Come and visit our dockside fair for balloon rides, carousel rides, ice cream, candy floss and free goodies to collect! Walk the plank on the pirate ship and find sunken treasure, or join in with a drum circle on the beach. You’re welcome to visit the estate any time to look around and have fun, but on open days members of the course team will be there too, to discuss any aspects of the MA. If you’d like to book a specific time slot to speak to someone on an open day, please email [email protected] .

Come and join us at (SLURL)

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UWE MA Island SL_001smallWell, that was another busy year that has just flown past! All my good intentions about keeping up to date with this blog  came to nothing :-( But that’s not because there has been nothing to say. Far from it! We’ve had a very successful first year with the MA Education in Virtual Worlds, and lots of feedback on how it has gone that we’d like to share. So over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a range of catch-up posts that summarise our experiences, both tutors and students, on the course.

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Well, that’s been a busy year! We have completed the design, development and validation of the MA Education in Virtual Worlds and are pleased to now offer the opportunity for study; either of the whole programme, or individual 15 credit (CATS) modules, with or without assessment. Full details of the course are available at including prices, and from there you can also access the online application process for the MA. If you are interested in Professional Development opportunities, including taking single modules, or if you have any queries about the programme, please email [email protected] and we will get right back to you.

The programme begins at the end of September 2012 with the Orientation in Virtual Worlds and Curriculum Development modules. Full details of the timings of all the modules in the programme, curricula and detailed teaching plans for each module can be found at .


We have a fully dedicated island in Second Life (see picture above) to act as the base for the programme, which is next to 2 more islands owned by UWE, adjoining one island owned by Weston College and one owned by Birmingham University. We have cooperation agreements with these two institutions, so we are part of an archipelago of 5 islands with shared activties, resources, environments and collaboration opportunities.

The programme, and all of the modules, are entirely distance learning and they take place in Second Life (3 hrs per week per module) and are also supported by synchronous desktop video conferencing and asynchronous support through our Virtual Learning Environment. We have lots of interest in the programme already from all over the world, so book early to avoid disappointment!

You can see articles and press releases about the course at the following locations:

University Business Magazine – 2 page article (page 70)

UWE Press release and video

Post on Virtual Web News

SCU Virtual Worlds interest group post

YouTube Video of Liz Falconer professorial lecture on virtual worlds (co-located in SL and the real world)

The programme Facebook page

You can also follow us on Twitter @elatuwe





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The new web pages for the course are at and will grow as the course develops.

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We’ve been given the go-ahead to begin developing a new Master’s programme in which students will be exploring education in virtual worlds. The programme is planned to go to validation in September 2011 with a planned start date in January 2012. The course will be delivered entirely online, both in Second Life and through the use of VLE and “Web 2.0″ collaboration technologies. It will therefore be able to be studied anywhere in the world – with the usual caveats about time zones :-) But we will be making it as widely available as possible. Prospective students will be able to register for the whole course or parts of it, and even for individual activities like seminar or workshop series.

We’ll be putting up more information in the next few weeks on our website, but if anyone has any questions about the course you can always email us at [email protected] .

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I posted a few months ago about the SHE grants that UWE made available for colleagues who want to develop online simulations as part of their curricula. The university funded five projects, and they’ve just made their first interim reports. I won’t publish them here yet, as they were for internal use. I will post more detail this year as the projects progress, but for now, here are the five projects and the technologies each of them is using.

Ethics and corporate social responsibility simulator – Second Life.  Led by David Wornham (Faculty of Business and Law)

Integrated disaster response and recovery simulator – SIMITA (Blackboard/Sharepoint/Wimba mashup). Led by Dr Wendy Woodland (Faculty of Environment and Technology)

Virtual drug round – Second Life.  Led by Fiona Bastow (Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)

Sociology and criminology simulations – Second Life. Led by John Bird (Faculty of Creative Arts, Humanities and Education)

Simulating commercial transactions and disputes – SIMITA.  Led by Rachel Wood (Faculty of Business and Law).

The ethics and corporate social responsibility simulator will take place in a newly-built office tower block, which has just started construction. Once again it is a collaboration with our good friends and colleagues at Citrus Virtual. Here’s an early picture of the reception for the office block. We’re going for a form of Art Deco design, so the outside will eventually be reminiscent of the Chrysler Building :-)

The office block reception under construction

The office block reception under construction

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So, we didn’t win the THE Award for outstanding ICT innovation, but it was great to be in the last 6 (3 of which were virtual world projects!), and fantastic to see all the nominations in the various categories. There is some really great work going on in all kinds of fields in UK universities – lets hope that recent events and future funding cuts don’t undermine it.

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